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10 Year Celebration

We kicked off our 10 year celebration a little early last week with a “grab and go” coffee/goodie event at Traveller’s House Coffee & Tea.

Some hard core rekey fans spited the inclement weather and ventured out to join in our festivities.

Traveller’s House Coffee & Tea catered an abundant spread of mini muffins, mini scones, veggie quiche and their coveted lemon bars.

Among the attendees was Derek Lyons (aka Garage Door Guy), the office staff of Investment Realty, and a number of valued clients and friends we’ve made over the past decade.

I was most blessed by seeing two expectant moms not only get out in this weather, but also cheerfully bundle up their toddlers to join us.

(While I can’t speak as a woman, I can only imagine that it would’ve been easier to stay at home-warm and dry- than to get out at 7 in the morning for coffee and goodies with a little one! I don’t take lightly what these ladies did. Truly amazing.)

Thank you to those that attended and all those that shouted out their well wishes via phone, text & email.

And if you’ve read this far: THANK YOU for staying in touch during out amazing decade of business.

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