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4 Perks of a TTR

Your tenant has moved out.  Hopefully their exit went smoothly, and they didn’t leave your rental in disarray. 

This is the ideal time for what we call a “TTR,” or a Tenant Turnover Rekey.


A TTR keeps your old tenant out and gives your new tenant peace of mind.  The trust that is built from knowing that the locks were recently changed, can start things off on the right foot as your leased is signed. 


While security is the primary reason for rekeying between tenants, there are actually four additional (and often overlooked) perks for doing a TTR:


All the locks get an oil change. 

 Let’s face it, there are lot of expenses involved with property management.  A TTR cleans and inspects all the locks and gives them a good “oil change.”  Any problem issues are quickly addressed, extending the lifespan of your locks.  It puts all the hardware in good, working condition, thwarting unnecessary work orders during the new lease period.


The deadbolts get lined up smoothly.

 Constantly pulling up on a handle to secure a door puts excess wear on it, decreasing its lifespan.  Your tenant shouldn’t have to dance a jig to lock their doors.  During a TTR, the strike plates can be adjusted to make accessing and locking up much easier.


Locks are synchronized to 1 key.

 This is what we’ve coined a “Sanity Rekey.”  We constantly meet tenants who say, “I don’t have a key to that lock.  They didn’t give me one.”   While the law does not require it, it is simply more convenient for you to synchronize the locks to one key!   Doing so eliminates the guesswork, mystery and stress out of your lock situation.



You get enough keys for both you and your tenant.

 A TTR provides you with at least four factory-cut, accurately-identical, and tested keys.  This prevents repeated trips for key copies that don’t work!  Your time is too valuable.  A Tenant Turnover Rekey gets you get enough reliable keys for both you and your new tenant.



After factoring in all the potential lock and key issues that can arise during the course of a lease, investing in a Tenant Turnover Rekey is a no-brainer.   Don’t be one of those landlords locked out of your properties without a backup key.  Avoid future service calls for lock issues.  Time and money are on your side when a TTR is standard practice in your property management.

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