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#4 Simplicity

When buyers avoid rekeying their new home, they don’t just miss out on the security, sanity and longevity that a rekey brings them. They also miss out on a variety of other services that can save them time and money down the road.

In a word, they miss the 4th reason to rekey a new home: simplicity.

While we’d never discourage DIY, sometimes it’s just more practical to let us do it for you.

Rekey day is an ideal time to replace dated, worn or dysfunctional locks. Depending on the age of the locks being replaced, your new hardware may not easily “plug and play” during install. Additional equipment may be needed to fit and install them properly. We’ll have that handy to make this transition go smoothly.

Perhaps you need a deadbolt drilled and added. This is where our experience is invaluable. After all, when it comes to drilling holes in your door, you only get one shot at it!

Are some entry doors not latching? Deadbolts not lining up smoothly? Rekey day is an ideal time to address these issues, too.

You can even change out your mailbox lock. Why be locked out of your mail after your locksmith has already left!

A little planning before rekey day can give you simplicity- and can save you the expense of having to hire a contractor or schedule a separate service call.

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