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#5 Cosmetic

Rekeying is the process of changing the inside of an existing lock and conforming it to a different key. We’re always glad to rekey what our customers have because it saves them the hassle of buying and installing new locks.

Sometimes rekeying is their best option- especially if the locks are extremely expensive to replace or have antique/aesthetic value.

This is why the 5th reason we recommend rekeying your new home is cosmetic.

After closing, some folks just go to the home center, buy new locks, and have dad plop them on. But if they have antique or extra-fancy locks (like a 1920’s handle set or a custom-ordered mortise lock) the locks they buy may not necessarily fit!

If this is your situation, schedule an evaluation before rekey day. Your locksmith might have some ideas that can modernize and synchronize your lock situation.

For instance, you can keep the beauty of those old skeleton key knobs and have a deadbolt drilled above them to utilize a modern key.

Perhaps you have a vintage handle set on the front door, but the other entrances have modern locks. Did you know the keyhole of the old lock can sometimes be swapped out with a modern-style key hole that will sync with the other entry doors?

No, you’re not vain.

The cosmetic factor may actually be the most economical and practical reason for rekeying your new home.

Did you miss the first four reasons?  Visit us online to catch up

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