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Bond(ed). Licensed and Bond(ed).

We had fun making our latest video with a little help from iMovie. (Its templates make us look really good!)

This past week was the 6th Annual GSBOR Affiliate Expo at the Relics Event Center. About 250 REALTORS® came in the doors to visit almost 50 affiliate booths. It was by far the biggest expo to date.

The theme for the expo this year was "1990's Drive In Movie Theater," so we utilized the iMovie app to make this snazzy little video. Alluding to the James Bond Film, "Tomorrow is Never Enough," we titled ours "Rekeys are Never Enough."

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

I just wish I had thought of the catchy "Bond(ed) ... Licensed and Bond(ed)" idea sooner.

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