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DIY? Maybe Not...

The consistent size standards for locks over the years have made “do-it-yourself” installations very feasible today.

In a perfect world, you simply remove a few screws and swap out the hardware, right?

I wish it were always that simple.

While we never want to discourage aspiring “DIY-ers,” sometimes it’s better to hire a pro to install your new locks.

Notice in the photo how the existing hole is significantly smaller than the outline of the drilling jig. This is a common issue encountered when updating your locks: the holes are not big enough to receive the new lock.

What the photo does not show is the frustrating, 30-minute-adventure yours truly endured while determining how to remove the old knob without reverting to a chop saw and ruining the door.

Before you pull out all your hair and waste an entire afternoon, consider calling us to have your old locks removed (and recycled) and your new locks properly installed.

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