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Handy's Home Inspection

One affiliate you'll meet at the upcoming Affiliate Expo is William Jones of Handy's Home Inspection.

I will never forget this man.

You see, before starting 417 Rekey I was a baby sitter for foreclosed homes. To acess these homes, the combo box needed to be opened to get the key. These combo boxes (which look like a large padlock hung on the door knob) were all new to me & I could not figure out how they opened- despite being provided the code!

William was in property preservation at that time, and happened to be at this house witnessing my frustration. He graciously showed me how the boxes worked & delivered me from the pickle I was in.

During the housing crisis a decade ago, William had his hands on hundreds of homes & had to know them inside and out.

He has been vetted as a Keller Williams Preferred Vendor and has more certifications and qualifications than I can list here.

If you'd like to know more, you can call him at 417-297-2912.

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