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During a rekey service call, we often encounter back door locks that have seen little action since install.

While these locks are constantly used, their keyholes hardly ever see a key.

Add time and the elements, and this inactivity gums up the keyway, making the key impossible to insert.

Since the garage door is the most common entryway for most home owners, front door locks share this vulnerability.

A couple years ago a seller needed a key for her front door. She told us, “I am positive this is the key to my front door, but it doesn’t work any more.” She was right. After spraying some dry lube into the keyway, the key slid right in, and she was up and going.

This is why our #3 reason to rekey your home: Longevity.

Just like anything mechanical, your locks, too, suffer if not maintained.

A quick spray may help you in the interim, but if the corrosion has made its way into all the pins, you could still have trouble. A fresh rekey can overhaul those corroded pins and keep your locks working like they should.

I always smile after doing rekeys in situations like these, knowing that I saved my client from having to buy all new locks. In fact, I have lost track of the number of locks I've saved from the scrap pile.

You'll be amazed how a small amount of TLC can help your locks go the distance!

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