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Our New Top Ten

If you've seen our new business cards, you may have noticed the flip side directing you to "The Top 5 Reasons to Rekey Your New Home."

This reminds me of my college days when I ordered a pizza & watched David Letterman's Top Ten during a study break.

That said, from the home offices of the Rekey Compound in rural Marshfield, MO, I present....

The Top Ten Reasons NOT to Rekey Your New Home

10. I like the variety of using 25 different keys.

9. My belongings really don’t mean that much to me.

8. The previous occupant was Mother Teresa.

7. I love spending 4 days figuring out how to remove the old locks by myself.

6. I love spending another 4 days installing one lock by myself.

5. Previous occupants don’t have to break glass to enter.

4. The power to my garage door will never go out.

3. I like multiple service calls to address lock issues.

2. I have accounted for ALL the keys that exist for my home.

1. I like unexpected guests on weekends!

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