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Security is #1

Have you seen our new business cards?

Their flip side has a QR code taking you to “The Top 5 Reasons to Rekey Your New Home,” a handy resource we developed for new home buyers.

Of course, the number one reason to rekey your new home is security.

What were you handed at the closing table?

Sometimes you get two or three keys. Sometimes just one key. Some folks are at the mercy of a garage remote and pray that the power is on when they take possession!

Regardless of how nice the seller is at the closing table, there is no way to know exactly how many keys they did not hand to you.

Were copies given to dog walkers? Did a contractor that went south have access? How many keys did their kids lose?

A few years ago, we had a client in a nice golf course community adamant about rekeying his home. When we asked why, he said the former owner gave almost everyone in his neighborhood a copy of the key for keeping an eye on things during his frequent trips to Florida!

Food for thought: a bad actor does not need to break in if they have a key, right?

By rekeying right after closing, you replace the “what if” questions with peace of mind and wield confident control of your new home right from the start.

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