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#2 is Sanity

The #2 reason to rekey your new home is sanity.

A “sanity rekey” takes the mystery out of your locks and streamlines them to all work with one key.

Folks are surprised when they learn they don’t have to buy all new locks to experience the benefits of a sanity rekey.

Since their locks vary in age, style and even brand, they assume this benefit is beyond them.

It all boils down to the type of keyway (or keyhole) that the locks have.

Can your locks sync to one key?

Here’s how to find out:

Take a key that you know works on one of your locks. Then, try inserting it into the key holes of all your other locks.

If the key does not go in all the way, spray some dry lube into the keyhole and try again. (Remember, the key does not have to turn in the lock- only slide into the keyway.)

If the key does not slide into the keyhole, then that lock is not compatible with the other.

If it does slide in, there is a pretty good chance it can be synced to the other lock.

A sanity rekey takes the guesswork out of all your locks & gives you confident control of your new home right from the start.

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