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Save That Door!

A property manager called me recently for a tenant turnover rekey. His concerned tone of voice hinted that the entry door on this job would need replacement. I told him not to worry and that I would have a look at it.

What I found was not pretty, but we did have a solution. The photo on this post shows a before and after of that job. By installing a reinforcement plate, we were able to salvage the door and provide greater security for the next tenant.

The thing I like about reinforcement plates is they almost give a feel that they were supposed to be there all along. Not only can they prevent replacing the door, but they can cover up faulty drilling attempts or damage that left the door scarred.

Reinforcement plates come in both single hole (like the one in the photo) and double-hole for a knob and deadbolt combo.

They’re relatively easy to install, but before you go out & buy one, be sure to measure the thickness of your door and determine the backset of the lock you are reinforcing. If the word “backset” is throwing you off, drop us a note in the “Contact Us” section of our web page, and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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